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  1. I'm sorry but spider man homecoming was the most boring to me. It had a great story, great characters and a solid villain but they execution for all the ideas were awful. Everything way the director chose to direct a scene was done in the most lacklustre way as possible.

    I personally love the amazing spider man 1 and 2, spider man 1 and 2. Spider-man 3 and homecoming was definitely the worst.

  2. 1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Spider-Man into the Spiderverse
    3. Spider-Man Homecoming
    4. Spider-Man
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man
    6. Spider-Man 3
    7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    My personal list

  3. You guys were way off base
    If it had Tobey Maguire it was absolute Garbage.
    Garfields spiderman were ok but the stories were over the top.
    Hollands spidermans were what spiderman is.
    And Spiderman into the spider verse are what spiderman can be.

  4. I think it’ll always come down to Spider-Man 2 and Into the Spider-verse now. Both are great movies with awesome messages, but I’ll always have a spot in my heart reserved for the Raimi films since they were how I was introduced to Spider-man as a kid. Spider-verse tells the audience that anyone can be Spider-man but Spider-man 2 tells us that being a hero isn’t as awesome as it sounds because of how much of your life needs to be sacrificed for the sake of others. Peter hates being Spider-man, as it ruins his personal life, but he does it because “With great power, comes great responsibility”. That’s the one reason Spider-man 2 will remain the best in my eyes.

  5. idk if this is controversial or not, but watching the raimi trilogy for the first time recently was very disappointing; all 3 movies are really campy / cringey and kinda hard to watch. homecoming / spiderverse are both great though. the less said about amazing spiderman the better.

  6. Until the into spider-verse, spider-man 2 was my fave. Into the spider-verse is amazing I seent it 4 times and am not done yet.

  7. Seeing Spider-Man 2 still on top kinda put a smile on my face. I mean raimi actually made the best Spider-Man movie all the way back in 2004.

  8. i dare to say i didn't enjoy homecoming n i was hoping to watch the amazing spiderman 3 i think andrew performance was becoming very interesting though not the version i prefer. i think tobey adaptation was the closest to peter parker the nerdy shy guy which people relate to. new movies actually forget the core of Peter parker they focus more on spider man and cool action

  9. I'm probably in the minority that thinks Spiderman 2 and subsequently the Raimi's trilogy is trash. They aren't even really all that entertaining. I've recently rewatched them and boy oh boy do they not stand the test of time.
    The recurring Mary Jane saving gets repeatative and stale. The fight scenes and action scenes feel a bit meh. Spiderman 2 really makes you feel it's runtime. The only part I liked is the train scene. I really hated 2000s cheese back in the 2000s and campy fight scenes (Singer's X-MEN, Raimi's Spider-Man.) I don't wish to ever relive it.
    I've seen Spiderverse twice already and I immediately would rather watch Spiderverse than Raimi's schlocky trilogy.

    1) Into the Spiderverse
    2) Spider-Man Homecoming
    3) Captain America: Civil war
    4) Avengers: Infinity War
    5) Spider-Man 2
    6) Spider-Man
    7) Spider-Man 3
    8) Amazing Spider-Man
    9) Amazing Spider-Man 2

  10. Toby Maguire has the best Spiderman and Peter Parker

    Andrew Garfield is the most faithful Spiderman to the source material.

    Tom Holland did a great novice Spiderman/Teenager and im looking forward for his character development as more films are made.

  11. I didn't know I had to say "spoiler" right after the spoiler! Gosh! I've been doing it wrong all these years! Thanks IGN!

    Yes I have already seen Infinity War but I'm so glad that I learned the true and proper way!

  12. IMO
    1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Into the Spider-Verse
    3. Spider-Man
    4. Spider-Man Homecoming
    5. Spider-Man 3
    6. The Amazing Spider-Man
    7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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