In today’s Live interview, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports, Bitcoin Market Crash.
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8. Investing Strategy – How do I evaluate my tolerance for risk and build a long-term plan
9. Common Pitfalls / Security – How to secure your offline wallet with confidence and product reviews
10. Guest Interviews / Commentary – Leading commentators from around the world in the crypto community
11. Private forums and Livestream Q&A w/ Christopher Greene

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  1. TRUE FOREX TRADER—–(Mr Gregory Davids) this man has helped me clear so many debts, feel free to write him up on his email address <>

  2. rite clever clogs why is it that bitcoins not being used for what it designed to do ! ill tell u because its outmoded outdated stupid crap ! the elites know it ! the market knows it ! and the informed know it ! why dont u ? its played out thats why it forked lol

  3. You sound a lot like a Preacher trying to steal money from his congregation. You are feeding the ? false dreams. Bitcoin is simply a Pyramid Scheme. You even said it yourself, the first people in make all of the money. You are nothing but a 2 bit thief.

  4. Yep if the world only knew whats about to happen with Blockchain/ #Nasgo #Sharenode. Some people still don't believe me. If you're reading this and you just need more info I'm leaving my real contact. I'll Help You Set Up Your Sharenode Account with detailed instructions. Dj 904-476-2680

  5. You can tell this guy has no idea what he's talking about when he said, "Bitcoin is the blockchain!!" Bitcoin is a blockchain. It's far from THE blockchain. His statement is flawed. I don't own any Cryptocurrency but Ethereum has far more potential to be "the" blockchain than Bitcoin. But even that is not accurate because blockchain will be everywhere, private, public. Obviously private blockchain defeats the original idea behind all this but it will come in handy for some businesses and corporations.

  6. I cant buy more right now i already spended all in crypto past months and lost 90% of my invesment, i wont sell, at this point if it goes to cero it does not matter to me, i am already fucked, little more or less fucked it wont make any difference

  7. I know BTC will never go to zero. Why? Because I live in Atlanta and there are over 150 BTC ATMs in the Metro area. MOST major cities have these now. It's a silent creeper..

  8. Guys, I'm in the XRP camp, but bitcoin will still be around and will have significant gains on the next crypto bull. I just know XRP is going to the moon

  9. Who is Satoshi? I don't think it is Craig Wright. But I think there is a good chance that he knew Satoshi and maybe even that he had access now to some of all of his bitcoins. They might have collaborated earlier.. Someone should look into who he collaborated with and whether one of them has dissappear

  10. What are you smoking? It's not the biggest thing in the world. It's a highly inefficient database/ledger. Only application it has now is fulfilling its own transactions, like a dog catching its tail.

  11. bitcoin is not the blockchain….but buxcoin has it's own blockchain that can transact 7k to 8k transactions per second….and also has it's own coin exchanger

  12. well said I agree with you. I dont understand why there is such huge wave of hate but its not without reason. Its amusing that people cant take notes from the past and see that btc/ crypto had cryshes like that and back in the days people were saying the same things like btc is dying, btc to 0 $. In my opinion its clearly because they dont understand the potential of the technology and market.

  13. 8:40 is such a lie I can’t help but think he’s totally evangelized into the cult. Bitcoin’s price Dec 8th 2017 was $15,310. Dec 8th 2018 it was $3400… how can he say it was the best performing asset over the last 12 months??? That’s a 78% drop and that’s not even from the high..

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