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  1. Is that a bad thing? I would have at least killed it if he had a kid. But I'm fine if they kill it off if they do it right and they hand off the torch to someone worthy.

  2. To be honest I actually expect it too happen I won't go into how I think it will happen but I think with Dante gone the series can evolve yes he's cool I know but the DMC story with Dante in it is kinda like a superman movie

  3. V isn't killing Dante, and Dante's Certainly not dying, at least in that scene. Dante is stabbed in the chest, as a gag in every game, he slices his twin brother in half, but said brother regenerates so quickly, he stays in one piece(Which mind you, is not in their devil trigger forms which heal even Faster).

    He aint dying in that scene. Could be end up dying, but not in the way they were showing. Odds are considering it's the sparda sword, it will rewaken dante, possibly even make him stronger, considering it's his dad's sword, and Rebellion(Dante's sword) became more powerful the first time it was stabbed into him, also increasing his own strength.

    V's summons are. Griffon(The bird), Shadow(The panther), and Nightmare(The Colossus), All names of bosses(Or minibosses in the case of Shadow) that were in Devil May Cry 1, Underneath the original king of the demon's(at least since Sparda was around.) Mundus. Which considering V seems to have a grudge against Dante, it is possible that he is related to Mundus in some sense.

  4. Dante isn’t dying lol. He’s just going to get back up, like all the time. Many have tried killing Dante, and they all failed. ? notice griffin the demon bird saying, “no no no”

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