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  1. Epic has done so many great things for gamers most importantly giving its crossplay system to devs for free we should support them. I'm sure the actor does not care about us.

  2. To everyone down talking this, imaging creating a dance move that becomes really popular, then some company used that same dance in a game, 1. gives no credit, 2. then turns into micro transactions and makes millions…?

  3. Yall act like this is new….back in the day micheal jackson wouldnt hesitate to sue if you used thriller dance or did the lean without asking. The very fact we know where they came from and associate those with them is enough.

  4. I don'pt play fortnite, but if the dances are being sold by the developers, then the originators should be compensated.
    And yes this is going to start something.
    I thought about it when id hear kids talk about fortnite then do the dances i know of from elsewhere.

  5. I Don’t Blame Alfonso Ribeiro for Suing. If I Was Broke And Had To Ride The City Bus I Would Sue Too. Poor Alfonso He’s Like Gary Coleman working A Phoenix Mall As A Security Guard. ?

  6. You can't make something and use someone else's material without their permission or give them royalties. That's common sense. Yes small games can get away with in because they aren't making enough money. But fortnite is huge now and making millions of course this is going to happen.

  7. Unless he copyrighted it there isn’t anything he can do about it. And for the people that think you can’t hold a copyright on a dance move Michael Jackson holds patent for the moonwalk. And furthermore the band kiss stole the name from another band and gene simmons filed and holds a patent on the name. Just another has been actor looking for a handout

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