How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)

A short introduction to how Bitcoin Works.

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Written Version:

Less technical version:

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Germain caption translation provided by adi331 : 19s6rqRfHa19w7wcgwtCumPs1vdLDj1VVo (thanks!!)


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  1. Yeah, it makes it very clear that this is most likely a Wall Street /bankster backed plan to move us off fiat currency and into digital fiat currency. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. not sure about bitcoin. I can't put it in my wallet like a dollar bill or put it away like gold or silver coins. And its not really a scarcity item as it could be replicated over and over again, or be remade into another type ie Eth, dogecoin, etc.

  3. I didn't feel like you explained the double spending prevention and how it translates to the block-chain. How does the "lottery" determine which transaction is legitimate? The way it's explained above implies that both transactions would enter the pool and whichever hash match occurs first gets added to the end of the chain. It obviously can't work this way. Thanks for the video! Lots of good information here.

  4. Great graphics but talks so fast about so much technical detail in just 5 mins that after watching it twice I still only vaguely understand it.

  5. nice (Y) this is what I was searching for. Mining

    But one question, how many bitcoins are there and how they get their value as compared to any currency?

  6. There are many mistakes in this video. There is no "balance" in bitcoin, only transactions. The blocks are the essential element securing the network (including the problem of time) and they are left out. Nobody tries to link their own transactions to the ledger, people try to link blocks, and this allows them to put a transaction to themselves at the end of the block (generating new coins). Understanding Bitcoin is complicated and will not take 5 minutes, if you're interested I'd recommend the course at If you are only willing to spend 5 minutes understanding bitcoin then go grab a beer and forget about it.

  7. We still don'tave anything that is physical, If there is a problem like electricity or computer or even government problems, all your value goes away. Why don't we just use real money? I mean REAL money!

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