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  1. Can you turn a personal video that you took into a VR experience, and can two people experience it at once? I'm a teacher for the blind and I want to use this technology with my students, but I need to be able to see what they see. How can I make this possible?

  2. android guy Im a bigest fan of urs
    iwatch every video which i upload… i have request in ur next videos can u say to ur fans that please go and check cracked technology. please take it seriously.. please reply soon as possible thnx in advance

  3. Really disappointed that you said all phones have a gyro. For VR the two most important sensors are the gyro and magnetic field sensor(compass), not all the phones out there have those. Some mid-range phones like the Samsung Galaxy J7, Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen, Galaxy A7(2016),etc. don't have a gyro or even a compass in the case of the J7.

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