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  1. god I hope this triggers a resurgence of old school fantasy movies done with NO CGI, NETFLIX bring back LEGEND, although it'd be hard to match tim currys performance as the lord of darkness.

  2. I think I will have to watch the original movie again before it comes out. I really hope if Trevor Jones, if hes not passed on or retired comes back to score the new series. Of course we have Brian Froud returning to create the characters. We as fans need to really push this series to continue past 10 episodes and hopefully netflix doesnt can it after then. I wonder if they got the original screen writers from the original movie to come back. Also I wonder if Mark Hamil might play a younger Lord Chamberlin he has the voice for it not as much as a stretch then when he played and then ultimately retired the voice of the joker

  3. It’s so sad that so many people in the comments have grown up without The Dark Crystal. It is truly a masterpiece that should be watched while a youngling.

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