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  1. If the Nintendo Switch Online gave us NES, SNES, GBA, N64, and GameCube games I’d GLADLY pay a $100 annual subscription. Nintendo hates money though. Smh…

  2. 2018 was a good year. I have pc, PS4 and switch so I definitely wasn’t bored. Matter of fact, I need to quit buying games until I work through my backlog lol.

  3. Awesome episode, but the last discussion already seems outdated since Nintendo announced theyve discontinued their classic consoles. Seems like they are gearing up to bring more stuff to the switch. I really dont see Nintendo making an N64 mini, and definitely not a gamecube mini so I feel theyve gotta bring those games to switch somehow.

  4. Ryan got that reach and Dorn clearly works out but I reckon Zach fights like a man whose life depends on every shot so I'm backing the D if it comes to a proper Rumble

  5. Glad someone is talking about the adaptive controller it is an amazing piece of kit but it’s waaaaay overpriced especially for people living on disability.

    It’s £80 for the controller then £50 per button so even a simple game to control can become crazy in terms of cost as it’ll quickly cost more than the console which chances are you don’t have because you’ve not been able to play games until now so you’re talking almost a grand to get it fully kitted out.

  6. If PS5 is really getting shown in 2019 to be out 2020/21 then I do not see Nioh 2, TLOU 2, Death Stranding and maybe Days Gone hitting PS4 or hitting JUST PS4. Because what the fuck do you launch the PS5 with, with nothing coming?

    I doubt Horizon 2 is far along, Killzone seems dead, Spidey 2 is a long way a way, no more Uncharted etc…

  7. I'm going to be candid here so I apologize, but this Ryan guy really knows his shit. At first I couldn't really dig his super serious demeanor, but his insight into Microsoft's roadmap is uncanny. Kudos to great journalism.

  8. Everyone is willing to speak critical of the platform their representing, except Dornbush. All he can do is speak as if Sony didn't do some abysmal things this year, and has a very meager 2019. Please, learn to fully review your platform, not just act like its perfect.

  9. I play on all three consoles and love them all . I don’t get the fanboy thing it makes no sense . I play on PS4 prob most with switch a close second but Xbox one nailed it with game pass and I’m now enjoying that as well . Good games all around ?

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