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  1. Fallout 76 should NOT be on here. Sure it isn't the best fallout by any means but it's leagues better than some garbage put out this year. Also I know it's not here, but it's in the thumbnail and the full episode I'd assume

  2. I like how its titled the worst games then they only tell u one and tell u to go to a different link to watch the rest which is hours long

  3. RDR2 obviously. It has very bad (clunky) controls and ruins the experience alone especially when everything has a different button when picking up things for example and all you do is ride to point A to point B just to kill and repeat basically. Realism doesn't always mean fun gameplay. Also the story was very predictable because it's a prequel and lets not forget about the greedy online which is just as bad as GTA V if not worse. All these reasons and more as to why it didn't win GOTY as well and none of the awards it won had anything to do with gameplay because it's outdated, boring trash.

  4. I wonder if they're going to include Gris in this list (since the first game mentioned also got a 6.5 from IGN).

    PS: I don't think Gris should be included at all. I'm just wondering based off of their criteria.

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