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  1. Travis did us proud! After watching kubo and the two strings I knew he was gonna go big or go home on this project! And on top of that this movie was Steven Spielbergs idea!

  2. So glad Michael Bay is gone. This is the iconic design they needed to carry into the series in the first place. I’m looking forward to a transformers movie for the first time since the original.

  3. Apparently Marvel are wanting this guy to direct Guardians 3, before seeing the movie I was against this, but after watching it and if Gunn doesn’t come back, I’d love him to get the job.

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  5. They keep talking about the previous movies and that they can’t change too much but they went back on their words. He said starscream was to iconic to change, later in the g1 trailer they made it clear, that the seeker behind shockwave was starscream by designing a new head, and enhanced the red and gave him blue arms. SPOILERS BELOW

    Optimus and other autobots made it on earth still during the 80’s and Optimus still looked like his g1 design and was even the classic truck. Minor changes, he had the grill and a few other things

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