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  1. I think this looks pretty cool. I think the tone is a representative of Ron's personality as Hellboy which I enjoyed, but if they have overdone it then maybe ill pass

  2. Well this looks terrible at least they got it right once with the first 2. I can safely say I can skip this Ron Perlman outclasses him wholesale already.

  3. I'm loving David as the new Hellboy, but I'm hoping my ears deceived me and the prosthetics weren't causing him to have a weird muffled/lisp sound to his voice.

  4. um….well….I like the trailer and hope to see it soon….but I thought it is said to be dark and grittier and I would like to also see some cameos from the previous films, if they brought them up, yet they are taking a different route

    Like the guardians of the Galaxy: epic and serious in the old comics; wild and fun in the movie
    Power Rangers: quick and nostalgic in the tv series; slow but some builds up in the movie

    For Hellboy, it's dark and grittier that we thought it will do the same for the reboot. In my opinion, we already have on the first film by Gueirro Del Toro, the sequel lights it up, and they unfortunately didn't have enough money to complete the trilogy. The reboot however, it takes.the same route as for Gaurdians of the Galaxy which it will be fun

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