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  1. I hope those 2 will continue to support Backwards Compatibility. It's that one great thing Microsoft did for which I do not hate them… at least not as deeply as before they introduced this feature. Although I don't feel any excitement since it's obvious that those 2 consoles are gonna have 16 gigs at best, and probably 4 of 'em will be used to keep the system running. So, it's just 12 gigs which is nothing these days for a big triple Microtransaction game. I really hope they'll put an SSD in there. HDDs these days can barely keep up with new games. Their choice of graphics card will probably fall on something like AMD's RX 480 or 570 at best. In other words, they're gonna shorten the distance between consoles of 2020 with PC's ~2014-2016 hardware standard -> * ClICKS * Nice!

  2. I’m afraid innovation will die and we’ll only get next gen consoles with higher specs and would cost more. To the point where pc is a far more valuable option. Next gen needs to maintain it’s cost and still have better specs otherwise the console market will slowly die.

  3. did they really just say "SSD hard drives" smh ign its like the verge all over again. its either a HDD or a SSD or a SSHD.

  4. I like this idea. It was what xbox 360 did with the Arcade, Pro, Elite bundles. It was successful too. I'm obviously gonna go for the most expensive one though, but it's still a good thing to have more options.

  5. If There Truly Is a "GOD" In This Material Black Universe!! Of Nothingness! Bless Him???For Giving this Dying & Awful World The Resource For The PS5!!!?

  6. I'm going to get both the PS5 and New Xbox because there's no point of fighting over which is better. Both systems have their pros and cons. Currently i have both the PS4 Pro and Xbox one X which i love both systems. I also have a 2DS XL, but i won't get the switch only because i don't see any value in it since the switch doesn't have many games that appeal to me and most of the games i can get on PS4 and Xbox one much faster. And i also play pc games as well. The point is console wars are stupid XD.

  7. This xbox problem always wants to be the first at every thing seems like they are rushing their next generation console again while Sony takes their time I'm so glad I got rid of my xbox one x and got the pro ….Microsoft you're a PC maker not a console maker let Nintendo and playstation be the only consoles

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