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  1. K rool has weaknesses that make him bad. All characters have the weakness of the power of nerfs.Also Ness isn’t op,If you make him fall off the stage he won’t be able to pk thunder unless luck comes to you. I know since I’m a ness main.

  2. i don't think anyone has played enough to make these calls. how old is the game again? how many characters? seriously, this is too early to make calls like this, you will just end up doing the same thing again if it gets updated so soon. chill, play, learn the characters, your going to find deeper tricks.

  3. This video shows that the people at IGN are at a skill level of low to mid level tiers… None of these characters need nerfs. Just learn the match-up and actually spend some time to enjoy each character.

  4. IGN complaining about nerfs and buffs yet none of them attend tournaments or watch high level smash streams… stick to journalism kthx

  5. Roy doesn't have the fastest sword at all. Also complaining about short hopping which has been around forever? These clowns have no idea what they're talking about and ness is not overpowered at all.

  6. This shows a complete lack of understanding on how smash works, just the fact they put ness and k Rool on this list makes me laugh like wtf are they smoking

  7. Hard to take this list seriously when all this footage was against the AI instead of skilled players.
    Also the game hasn't been out long so please chill with the "this character needs to be nerfed" mindset and learn to adapt.

  8. “These challengers will be giving everyone a run for their money now and possibly in the future”
    Isabelle: hold my beer, spawns infinite Waluigis

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