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  1. I saw the movie in an early screening for Amazon Prime members. This movie was visually stunning!! The fight scenes are incredible and it's a huge thrill ride from start to finish n

  2. This is EXACTLY what DC needed to do, stop trying to give us more grounded and cynical version of the characters that we love. What you need to do to make your cinematic universe thrive is just to transport and adapt the pages of the comic books into the big screen. Now I'm looking forward in seeing what you can bring us to other properties, make Gotham City feel like Gotham City in The Batman(like inn the first scenes of JL), make Metropolis look and feel like the Metropolis of the comics, do that and you might just finally beat Marvel in some years.

  3. Better than all 20+ films of the MCU. So awesome that Aquaman is this great….the character that folks try to clown. Saw it last Saturday and going again this weekend.

  4. And the fact that Aquaman was left out in the Oscar's vfx shortlist but Black Panther's ps2 cgi and Ant-man and the wasp made the cut lmfao!!! Oscars is a joke!

  5. Because dumbass people don't read the comics but always asking dumb comic book or book questions. Like for example hot 97 radio ask Michael b Jordan will kill monger come back.. we as comic book fans get piss and tell those type of people read the book then you will find out.. SMH ????‍♂️

  6. Easy

    Like if you found them all!!!! :3

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