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  1. For once, I fully agree with an IGN review. Below is gorgeous, but it feels like it tries TOO DAMN HARD to be hard, just for the sake of being hard.

    We could do without the fuel and famine mechanics. Take the Breath of the Wild approach, food recovers health, but no need for starvation timers. There is challenge enough in the roaming and exploring of the caverns below, and like the reviewer said, dropping your lantern in a bad spot can ruin an ENTIRE playthrough with the way the game is currently being presented.

    I hope they patch things up. This has potential, but right now, it's a bad game, sadly.

  2. Was excited about this game for years dude. Literally deleted it after being insta killed by a trap after a 5 hour trek down. It’s infuriating to have to completely restart based off of instant death traps. Especially when you are starting to get a feel for the story.

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