Bitcoin Holders MUST Understand This – Perspective.

Bitcoin Holders MUST Understand This!

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  1. Bitcoin: scalabilty? Decentralised? Fast? Low fees? It has none of that. Just look at Who owns btc and how many wallets own the majority of that.. bch is crap but btc is even worse than crap. Store of value? But any Coin Can be used as store of value. Do you wanna know the Real reason why btc is seeb like the best,the King.. Just because It is awesome to have a tool to switch from bear to bull when you want. All the market depends on btc, so they can easily manipulate It.. btc has became the root of all evil

  2. Imo, bitmain is gonna get the ipo. They did It to grab more money and buy more equipment and centralise even more bch and btc. Bitmain holds btc bch and ltc mainly. They are not dumb. They are not gonna risk for Just a couple of billions like bitconnect. You could not be more wrong. They know that crypto is the future and trillions are gonna flood in that market. So they are thinking big. Do not try to understand the asian mentality with a western way of thinking. You are gonna fail.

  3. I stand with Jihan and co. Not because bch is a good coin, but because bitcoin core is useless, and segwit can be controlled by a government. Naah jk. I love bch because It gives awesome profit. Best pump and dump Coin ever. While btc? Name one thing btc does better than bch. Even ltc is better than btc.

  4. maybe next step of your videos try shift from cardano to iota somehow slowly …. and some positive feedback: i really enjoyed this winterwalk outside with you pretty relaxing !!! keep it up : PS still in the game dude !

  5. I love ya GreenScreen Christmas Tree! 🙂

    Great work with the editing too, it looked like you were having extra fun on the Premier Pro today. It was cool to see the two angles of you at the same time. Nicely done sir.

    My response to your posed question:
    I'm a HODLer and micro-scale miner of maaaany small Crypto stashes and a teensy bit of BTC since late 2017 (September?).

    I'm in it until I can either use my BitCoin to buy me my Cappuccino from Maccas in the morning (ie, mass adoption), or until my stashes of cryptos are worth 6 figures (presently they're in the mid 4 figure range thanks to this recent uptick). If crypto crashes and burns, I'll be left holding some nice souvenirs/stories to tell the grandkids about some day.

  6. Bitcoin is nothing but a precursor to the 666 mark of the beast anti christ system that will damn your soul to eternal hell fire. Jesus is coming back SOOOON. Be rapture ready and get souls saved for eternity is a long time to burn in the lake of fire with satan and billions of people.
    Good investment: God;guns;gold
    most important:Jesus.

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  8. ive turned into a bear and i wasnt 12 months ago. actually im still bullish long term im just shorting a bear market, cant complain with the results the last month and a half. however I also cant wait for a new (hopefully) bull market someday. just playin it as the technicals tell me to

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