Bitcoin Tops At $4,100 While Stocks Plummet! 10 New Binance Exchanges! Bitcoin Without Internet?

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Blockstream Satellite Now Means Most Of The World Can Use Bitcoin Without Internet

Binance CEO Gears Up for Launch of 10 New Crypto Exchanges

Banks Are Not Using xRapid Due to Lack of Regulatory Clarity, Says Ripple

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  1. Hi James, can you possibly look into nano and ethos please. Ethos has been struggling lately any advice on investing during this period before the bull run ? Nano ethos tron and vechain.

  2. Hi James, Please can you tell me, why does binance show a high of $4065, yet you show $4100 in your title, likewise i trade using binance and currently shows less than coinpaprika?

  3. Xrp won't be added to coinbase ever because of many reasons. It has a seriously shitty code structure, no-one knows how many XRP there really is, it's a bankster coin super centralized and will be considered a security. Oh and it's in the middle of a major lawsuit as we speak. The Cardano team creates Cardano ico to fill their pockets and never expected it to become anything. So its just a super hyped poop coin with ghost partnerships and no real world usage that isn't already offered by better, older, more stable projects. Stellar wont be added cause it's a fork of XRP plain and simple and the code is junk and can't be fixed.

  4. Got in on the BCH bull break above $146 a few hours ago and immediately put in several sell orders from 154-159. Sold rest of my position from $168-$178 without getting stopped out on the 5 minute chart. Made 11% in 2.5 hours. Sitting back now for possible sell off

  5. Being emotional can be really devastating. People in their ego want to hold on when obviously things have gone sour or emotion comes to play and then they have the feeling things will get back because everyone says so instead of diligently carry out their own careful research and dealing as should be. Looking at the charts, reading the news, understanding the crypto and blockchain system all says one thing which most will not admit. Bitcoin will continue to crash but it will never hit zero and it will survive. Basically bitcoin is all speculation and the probability of bitcoin going above 10000 is extremely remote and will fluctuate between 3000 and 10000. I am not saying crypto is bad as i have made lots of money already and still making money off crypto, i am saying you must be strategic when dealing with crypto. Know when to buy (which is now), know what to do when you buy and how to go about it. My advice is never be discouraged with the current value as this trend presents a very critical and important time for turning in profit but by day trading and not hodling. Some will hold for years and have nothing to show for while others will trade with the right set of strategy and tools and turn in good returns in few months. One person i would suggest you seek his advice and guidance on trading because i personally have used his services is Jeanne kirby (Jeannekirrby@gmailcom) . She is someone i have worked with and used her strategies both in bullish and bearish markets and i could say i owe her my success today in the financial markets. Her analysis are so sound and that helps her generate very accurate signals which i still use today and with which i have made over $75,000 already in profit in the last 1 month even as the market remains bearish . You can reach her by the mail address provided and ask her for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader

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