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  1. Please do not make this movie. No 2 or even 3 hour movie can out do what game narratives can achieve over 15 to 20 hours of story from one game. If you want more Uncharted, then just make another game. Can still use movie cast and crew but now you are not limited to squeezing and cutting a story down to 2 hours. You can expand on it.

  2. Is this gonna be set entirely when nate is a kid cos that feels wrong for the first uncharted movie. Like if the first tomb raider movie we ever got was kid lara the whole way through. Doesn't feel right, u want ur hero u know. Idk need to see more, if its just like the kid moments in 3 and 4 then it could be cool but seems odd if he's not grown up nate anywhere.

  3. As I found on IMDb, it says that Nathan Drake and Sully will be searching for Atlantis. This is indeed a prequel, I'd say Atlantis is the first city Nate ever found. Get Sam Raimi (he really needs a new franchise), or the director of the short film, Allan Ungar, to direct. And with Bryan Cranston also appearing in the cast, I'm gonna say he's playing Sully.

  4. What's with all these video games turning into movies. There's a Mario movie, sonic movie, this movie, pokemon real life movie, I bet this would be corny tbh.

  5. Am i the only one who dosnt want fillion has drake… he just comes across forced and more like hes playing nathan fillion not drake and the fan film that was released was ok but completely overrated, if anything year ago the should have just cast the actually game cast or if it was today just used marvels age reducing tech on them

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