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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today
Are we going to breakout before 2019 ?

How do we have to position ourselves and what to expect ? These are questions addressed in the video presentation, the big deal is how close are we to breakout and if this option is suitable for now.

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  1. The value of bitcoin keeps going down and it is no surprise following the news and trends but it really pains me when so called analyst keep predicting a rosy road for btc. First of all, the crypto market today is still fairly new, highly unpredictable and mostly speculative. For anyone who is knowledgeable enough and wants to make serious returns off crypto, it is important that you get rid of the misconception of hodling which may not be a bad idea in its entirety, but must be utilised in the appropriate circumstances which unfortunately enough is not crypto today. I would give an example using myself. Within the last 2 months, btc has dropped from over $6500 to about $3400 which is almost 81% nosedive and have transformed into huge loses for those holding to their coins based on wrong forecasts but in same period, i have increased my portfolio from 8btc to over 14 just be trading with the right strategy, signals and system. It is only fair i admit i am not a trade guru by myself but i always find the better way to tackle all situations as i am more interested in results than theory. I rely mostly on the services of Doc Simonsen Lorenzen (SimonsenLorenzen@gmailcom) for trade patterns and signals at different prevailing market conditions and i have good results to show for. I have also learnt alot from him which helps me win consistently in my trades. You can reach him if you have any inquiries to make as he is one of the very few in the crypto space today that i think is really happy to see others grow too in crypto

  2. Everytime you put a video up eth to 40-60 dollar you was wrong so im shorting the shit out of btc because your a fucking scrub who doesnt know shit.

  3. I agree that we have not had the final V bottom capitulation needed to end this bear market. Thanks for pointing out the 3700 resistance. If we break above it and have support at $3700 I will likely take a swing trade before $4500 because the weekly stochastic rsi looks bullish to me along with oversold rsi, and the bounce we got off 50 month and 200 week MA around $3000 and 2017 support and resistance at $3000 acted as a springboard.

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