Blender Tutorial – Create a 3D Virtual Reality Experience!

While editing this video, the full version of Blender 2.78 has been released, which you’ll be able to use in the same way. Get it straight from the blender website: …


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About the Author: Moby Motion


  1. Hi Moby, I am able to render in VR in Blender using these steps:
    Go to Render Layers->Check the "Views" checkbox [default will be Stereo 3D].
    Set Camera to Panoramic->Type Equirectangular.
    Set Resolution to 2:1 [1000:500 for example].
    Output: View format: Stereo 3D [Top Bottom or Side by Side you decide.]

    For Still image:
    Save As Image Dialog->View format: Stereo 3D [Top Bottom or Side by Side you decide.]

    For Animation: Just click Render.

    My question after watching your video is: checking AND unchecking the Spherical Stereo checkbox does "something" to the resulting image but not by much and both looks ok in VR Gear.

    What am I missing here ?
    To enable the Spherical Stereo checkbox or not ?
    Thanks !

  2. Does not work, i select the camera and change the mode to panoramic but when i click the drop down bar it gives me 2 options: Field of view and millimetres. Help!

  3. In the Youtube support here , they says , "Before you upload, we recommend that you export your content in over-under equirectangular format with a 1:1 aspect ratio at a resolution of 5120×5120 or higher, up to 8192×8192. Maintain square pixels (i.e.1:1 pixel/scale aspect ratio). There should be no letter/pillarboxing and all pixels should be used. The resulting image should appear horizontally stretched." . What could be the effect if the aspect ratio is not 1:1? We actually choose it as 4K where the aspect ratio is not 1:1.

  4. Thanks for this tutorial.
    Can you help me pls to have short cut keys reference for modeling on imac in blender?
    I find very difficult to modeling in blender.

  5. Hello Moby Motion…

    I follow your tutorial about a creation for 3D Virtual Reality experience at 360°.
    But i d'ont understand something. When i check the animation button in the Render pannel at the end of the tutorial, when my computer finished to calculate my .mov, this last one go back at the beguinning to the animation for an other time and don't stop. I have a file called but i can't use it. I try to duplicate it in order to make the injection with the python app, but it doesn't found the file. Can you help me please ? My computer is an Imac 27 and it runs on mac os x Sierra with Blender 2.78B. Thanks and congratulations for all your experience that you share.

  6. Check out the speed up if you change the CPU tiling to 16×16 instead of 64×64. Sounds counter-intuitive, but I think it has something to do with going through the faster L1 cache.

  7. How do you edit the 360 video created within this tutorial (so you can add visual effects and music etc)

    Because I use After Effects a lot and want to import those kind of effects within my 360 video

  8. Thank you very much it was really helpful!! ^_^
    and I hope that you'll make another tutorials about VR games with blender soon ^^
    it would be a fun experience ! ^

    I'll subscribe

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