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  1. Favorite Smartphones of 2018! These are what I think are the best and my favorite smartphones of 2018. I will award them by several different categories! Share your favorites of the year below and enjoy the video!

  2. I would like to have a phone of yours because I am a big fan of yours… Can I get a phone as a gift.. Because I'm using a Samsung grand phone..and also I have been cheated by someone… I wasted my money to buy 6s… So can I get one.. Anyways thank you for uploading good beneficial videos.. Thank you

  3. For all the reasons you stated, I finally got off the no update bandwagon on Android and got into the Apple ecosystem. No regrets at all. My XR (more than enough iPhone IMHO) has been performing great and I'm a convert for life because of it. Great roundup Nick, and thanks for all the great content this year!

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