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  1. Anyone who wants RDR2 to win supports Microtransactions and *R will never learn to change their outdated formula. The gameplay and controls are so outdated that they really need a complete overhaul. I get that RDR2 has a great story but halfway through it just seems to be dragging you along and the missions give you no freedom when it's suppose to be an open-world game. If you try and do anything creative in a mission and go a completely different route you will fail. There are so many problems with the game that it's just hiding behind it's popularity and graphics.

  2. GoW and RDR2 are both amazing. However anyone with common sense would know that GoW deserves it more especially when it comes to the gameplay. GoW has the perfect balance of gameplay, story, graphics, music etc. RDR2 suffers major in gameplay and is slow, boring and focuses too much around the dead eye system. It also has very bad (clunky) controls and ruins the experience alone especially when everything has a different button when picking up things for example and all you do is ride to point A to point B just to kill and repeat basically. Realism doesn't always mean fun gameplay. Also the story was very predictable because it's a prequel and lets not forget about the greedy online which is just as bad as GTA V if not worse. Lastly RDR2 won 4 awards such as score, music, narrative, and performance (imo there were others that deserved these more) BUT none of these had to do anything with the gameplay itself which is what it's main downfall was. There is also a huge gap compared to the critic and user scores (actual gamers) as well from both systems. GoW critic score actually reflects the user score. GoW won best action-adventure, direction and obviously GOTY. I'm so glad GoW won the actual GOTY already it truly is a masterpiece and it will forever be one of my favourite games of all time and it shows the importance of single player and exclusive games. Looking forward to the next one. BOI!

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