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  1. The trailer looks ok. I mean… it wasn't funny or interesting, but it looked alright. It shouldn't be compared to the ghostbusters tragedy, but I have one little problem. I've never heard this song before, but… let me just say, I wish I could go back in time, to stop myself before I listen it.

    (English is my second language.)

  2. I just knew at some point in time I was going to see either Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones…….Maaan I'll pass, i'm sure someone will enjoy it though

  3. I am so sick that producers think "hmmm, better have a black female as a lead role 'cause…it's 2018/2019 and everybody else is doing it." You don't need to do that to every movie to prove something. Not only black females but females in general, like ghostbusters (don't get me started on that atrocity). Don't get me wrong, i love some movies that have a lead female but you don't have to jump on this train constantly to prove that you are in with the culture. I'll give this a chance but if it fails, it will only strengthen my argument :/

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