Start Of The Bitcoin Bull Run?

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Is This The Start Of The Bull Run?

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  1. In a prevoius video way back when….You said your Boss claims that 7% margin in profit is good so in current climate why hold for anything and would this cover fees?

  2. With these positive developments and countless others in the works it seems likely that the next crypto bull run may be sooner than some think. Considering Bitcoin's price as of recently and where we are at right now, do you think the bull run might happen sooner than we think? Thoughts?

  3. Lightning network is not peer to peer cash. We need BSV — 0 confirmation instant payments. Daily stop shilling the shitcoins, you will get bad karma and you look like an idiot.

  4. Investing in Bitcoin has always been a frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Alton Buzz channel made references about a Pro Miner-“crypto crow ” who has an affordable Software to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to mine their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his gmail ,been making huge profits using crows miner and I have been able to increase my little 19.5Btc to 32BTC, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story.

  5. Please hurry and make a meme intro of the raptor being born in Jurassic Park as this run begins lol.
    "push, push push, come on little one, you can do it!!"

  6. Anyone who says it's not a bull run should never say that because this could be the big bull run. You never know so stop guessing and trying to predict the future just HODL and hope for the best

  7. Every bull trap they said oh this is it… But now for the first time they say no it is not a bull run it is a bull trap don’t get hyped up. So maybe we are in a bull run?

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