Bitcoin Bull Market Confirmed?! + Holiday Announcement!

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  1. Fuck you Krown! You need to quit talking all that madness about hodlers. Message for the hodlers, this dude is counting on you to sell at a loss so that he can wreck you!

  2. Yo krown hope you don't become a sell out once you get more popular like some others in the space . Also don't start using make up like phiakone ?

  3. Why you prefer EMA over simple MA? Recent price action is more important? Why? Because psychology? Since you put more weight on recent moves, how much weight? Don't you think that simple MA have more natural flow?

  4. Good analysis. But honestly nobody can know for sure. These huge volume candles coming out of nowhere. Almost unnatural. Watching closely.

  5. If we pass $6000 then the bull market will be confirmed. In my opinion this is simply a bounce from going so low so fast. $5000 will be major resistance. I think we will head back down in January and at the end of January we will get our final capitulation to around $2500

  6. I know you like to hate on Tone and I’m sure he makes mistakes, just like you and everyone else, but he was correct on this bounce. I really dig your content, I have learned sooooo much but the shit talking about others in the space is a bit unbecoming. Cheers and thx so much for your content.

  7. Do you have a course geared towards swing traders? I can set alerts but I cant keep on my phone much at work. Would like to set up trades daily if needed.

    Thanks for posting the vids! Info packed and kinda funny

  8. Even though no history before then, it seems like the log trendline has been broken before though and came back up to test it, 2012, same a right now according to your chart (23:13). Posted on discord general.

  9. I understand what you're saying, with your experience surely you understand you do not have to capitulate to form a bottom. Its not that clear cut – You have every snow ball in the space screaming for capitulation to hit the bottom. Do you think we will ever capitulate when every moonboy is hunting for it? I'm happy to be proven wrong but i doubt we will capitulate if we've gone down 84.5%, we wont go to 90% or more so this is pretty damn close if not the bottom already shrugs

  10. Green dildos on the bottom shorter's bungholes. This is why I mainly trade base on the 1D and 1W.

    We have bearish divergence on the 1 hour and 4 hour. Time to short. REKT.

    Looking good on the new haircut Krown!

  11. Great videos mate, really appreciate your efforts here. Your effort is a huge help with my learning market/trading. Make sure you're getting enough Vit-D though! It will help your immune system with the lack of sunlight you chaps get in Finland! 😀

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