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  1. BEYOND! What were some of your favorite PlayStation moments from this year?? While you think about it, here are some TIME CODES:

    Intro – 00:00

    PlayStation Year in Review – 2:22

    Dreams is Finally Getting a BETA! – 34:27

    Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 11 – 36:45

    Kingdom Hearts Minute – 50:18

    Trophy Test: Uncharted Edition – 52:26

    Closing Time – 58:54

  2. I know it's an ongoing gag ( the whole yawning over Kingdom Hearts.. still very funny.. ) from Max but I really wish Beyond would dedicate more time to the KH news. There's so much stuff happening. Most of it more salient then other news that get's way more time.

    If not on Beyond, can there be another show with Jonathan where they can go through it ?

  3. I'm actually with her.. Medievil is a weird choice. Why not just go for something like Syphon Filter, specially now that there isn't MGS or Splinter Cell.

  4. NetherRealms deserves alot of praise. MK9 is now simply my favorite MK of all time but MK XL had just the most insane guest roster I mean Jason, Leatherface, Predator like are you freaking kidding me. That was a dream come true. And right now i'm finally playing Legendary edition of Injustice 2 and it's just incredible. The story mode is fantastic, the character roster is insanely big. They really set the bar high with robust packages filled with content.

  5. I don't want a ps5 Maybe if every game was native 4k and 60 fps but God of war really proved to me I dont need another console yet.

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