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  1. Yo you crack me up bro considering how badly I resented you with the whole bcc scandal I can’t blame you and your actions. What you did I probably would’ve done the same thing not like you was purposely trying to scam people yourself you were just involved in a scandal and had the spot light forefront of it all. As of right now I have to say I really enjoy your updates and intelligence in this crypto space coming from one crypto investor to another.

  2. Trevon you are so fucked up man. You just destroy yourself everyday more. If you still don't know what xrp is man… (I bet you know). You just keep ignoring it. Need to talk about the coins that you are holding right ? You go cheap man, so cheap.

  3. Great video $Qash is a leverage trading exchange that allows USA residents to short and long the market since we can’t without a vpn for Bitfinex

  4. First of all hell yeah nice job calling ripple out second of all f*** ripple that s**'s not a blockchain I hate that f***** coin built to make Banks richer

  5. I know you like your blockchain social media so maybe you should check out Howdoo .io they are releasing their beta platform at the end of this month. You are welcome x

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