Bitcoin is DANGEROUSLY close to Capitulation! Plus XRP and Cardano Announcements!

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Bitcoin Price Nearing ‘Capitulation Moment’: IG Market Analyst

Bitcoin Crash Charts

Cardano Tweet

Charles Hoskinson Brings Smart Contract Innovation to Cardano

Confirmed: American Express (AXP) Is Officially Using Ripple’s xCurrent – XRP News Today

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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. BitcoinCash is the SHITCOIN trying to Compete with BITCOIN as a Result entire CRYPTO World will be fucked up soon ..!!! If Bitcoincash has that much guts let it go upward when Bitcoin is going Down .!!! Bitcoincash Trying to Ride on the back of the giant Elephant BITCOIN TO pluck the Fruits from the Tree ..!!! Plz Ban BitCoin CASH

  2. I agree, the market situation is unstable! What will be the recommendations to exit the market or Vice versa to buy the crypt? And which platform is better? And what can you buy with bitcoin or change?

  3. IT WILL GO TO ZERO ! WHEN THE LIGHT'S GO OUT, & YOU NEED FOOD, & WATER NOW, because you didn't get the memo. ! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY? I PROMISE I'LL PAY YOU WHEN THE LIGHT'S GO ON IN 10 YEARS ! Good luck with that SPORT !! Throw your money away, if you believe this HORSE SHIT BITCOIN SALES PITCH ? Wake up man !

  4. You all are talking like you have no idea what is going on with our economy. If there is a crash, which we believe there will be, your bitcoins will become worthless because there is nothing backing them.. NOTHING ! Do you think investing thousands in what is essentially an account which is based on trust is worthy of your labors when nothing our government does can be trusted to be in our best interest.

    BitCoin is basically a hobby, because when the banking cabal forces our government to capitulate to its demands they will put into circulation their own Crypto Coinage, they then will force the government to stop all crypto transactions and capitulate to the Cabal's crypto coinage. The banking cabal is not going to take this lying down and will stoop to concocting the most egregious political action to secure their survival.

  5. When the total Marketcap hits 2 Trillion on the next major runup people will STILL be thinking that crypto is a flash in the pan.
    GLOBALLY TRANSFORMATIVE TECHNOLOGIES cannot be stopped. Within 10 years the total crypto marketcap will be well over 10 TRILLION dollar value.

  6. I don't really care about the exact bottom. If you look at the charts and the 4-year cycle repeats itself 2019 will be mostly sideways, 2020 accumulation for 2021 in which we'll moon pretty hard. I for one buy and hold. It might take a few years but in the end it'll be worth it. A bull run might come faster but I think this is a realistic scenario.

  7. We're no where near capitulation…there will be a little bounce back and as soon as everyone gets excited the big crypto dik will get slapped on everyones forehead again

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