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  1. I'm thinking about buying this game heard a lot of good things about it. I'm not sure if I should just get the PS3 version or the vita version of this game?

  2. So upset that this never saw a release on the PC. Vita is the only platform I own that I can play this on, so I'll see if I can use a Bluetooth controller on it and try to hook it up to the big screen.

  3. Anybody please help, If I buy the DLC for the vita on my ps3, will I still be able to use that DLC on the ps3; considering I don't have  the copy of umvc3 on vita?

  4. Thats because its badly optimized for PS3, but because the PS vita is easier to programm for, it is possible we can get something similar on the vita.

  5. Invest in Nyko's power grips, I had the same problem with hand cramping. It may not fully solve it but it helps a lot. My friend and I felt a huge improvement right away. It just feels better to hold. It cost me around 20-25$ It also doubles the battery life.. It's a bit bulky though, easy to take on and off in any case.

  6. Bought this for my Vita last week; love it to pieces! Only complaint is that it starts to hurt my hands after playing for about an hour on it.

  7. I got mine yesterday…..and it's good, however I dunno why phoenix dies so quickly…..1 air combo move on my Phoenix = dead…..WHY!?

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