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  1. Somewhat unpopular opinion, I own some Sony XB950-n1, absolutely great headphones. Got them for Christmas at like 120 bucks (basically half price of retail). Bass is amazing when you go wireless and just wanna thump to the music. However they get my ears super sweaty and although feel good, I must have sensitive ears or something because they be hurtin after a while. Went to the store and tried on some Bose and instantly I was in heaven. Sound quality was quite good but it didn't matter because I'd rather have the most comfortable pair that sounds good rather than best sounding pair that feels okay for a while.

  2. I have the Sony WH1000XM2, and when I purchased those, I compared them to the Bose QC 35 II, and I preferred the XM2. I can only imagine the XM3 is even better.

  3. Nothing will ever beat the Sennheiser HD-25. I could care less about wireless if the sound quality is far better, more robust product, lighter, replaceable parts. Hands down best headphone.

  4. It’s not fair for you to compare the Bose headphones with the Sony’s because the Bose headphones are much older than Sony. When Bose releases a 3rd version then it would be much better than the sonys.

  5. I bought the M2 and sold them to a coworker for a couple bucks a few weeks later because it didn't have type-c. I just got the M3's and they are great. For what you pay for it's well worth it.

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    Next video: These headphones have a problem.

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