Virtually There: The History of Virtual Reality (documentary)

VR Roundtable presents – Virtually There: The History of Virtual Reality. This is a short documentary, charting the origins and history of Virtual Reality over the …


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  1. I own a Windows Mixed Reality headset myself now. It's amazing how far we've come. It's frustrating to see people who have never tried it write it off as a gimmick, too.

  2. I bought a vr headset with android built in from China, it was amazing but it needs more power. The system could play up to ps2 level games and play movies in 720P and really did feel like virtual reality.

  3. The first video game that I tried was Pong at a party in the early 80's,and we all thought that was pretty cool. I never really thought that I would be around long enuf to see gaming as it is now. VR especially!! Watching the evolution of gaming technology throughout the last decades has been amazing to see unfold. When I was young (1960's) this was the stuff of dreams.

  4. That was fantastic. I feel us older gamers who remember the early demos we saw on Games Master are very lucky the technology has come so far so quickly. There is a free game on the rift store called Polygon Nightmare which is essentially a remake of Dactyl Nightmare, check it out for nostalgia's sake. Subscribed

  5. The "funny" thing is that the tech itself existed for a long time already. Even back in the 90s there were VR HMDs, except that they were insanely expensive and had low resolutions and everything. You can rant about Palmer as much as you want, it was him who like so many here wondered "WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS?"..because for everyone with a brain it was clear that 2D tech/monitors cannot be the future, this is 70 year old technology. It was him finally doing something and bringing VR to the masses where no-one else had an interest, even if the potential was so obvious. And now, thanks to Palmer (how ironic!) you see everyone from Google to Microsoft to Sony to facebook working on VR like mad. If there had been a smart guy back then when early VR kits cost thousands and had jumped in MUCH, MUCH earlier to bring it into mainstream, the tech now would be a lot more advanced of course. And without him, rest assured no-one would give a darn still today.

  6. Great documentary. It's almost frustrating for older gamers like myself to hear people complain about the state of VR now (short experiences…not good enough…etc). Having experienced games with simple graphics from the 80's and 90's, the current tech is jaw dropping to us 80s kids.

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