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  1. We have a very similar tradition in the Canadian forces with coins being given for notable accomplishments. CO (Commanding Officer) coins and many other varieties. Very interesting you Americans do the same thing. Nice. Love the show. Keep it up.

  2. My niece & nephew were well aware there was a variety of games well before they were 4, I'm puzzled as to how a gamer parent can keep that from his daughter.
    Tonga is indeed a Pacific Island country.
    How was that Saturn version of Quake, hell did it ever come out?

  3. I just bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna expansion and plan on playing it heavily for the next 2 weeks (two 4 day weekends for me thankfully, a major rarity unfortunately). The base game was one of my favorite games last year.

    I also bought Destiny 2 Forsaken and base game for $30 and will play through the expansion there off an on too (I love the actual gunplay of Destiny, just feels fantastic as I love hand cannons especially).

    Not sure other than those two as beat all of the major games out atm, that I really wanted to play anyways.

  4. ppl make the issues of violence/sexuality/anything else controversial in video games too complicated. Bottom line is that it does affect the way a child perceives it and does matter how your child is introduced to it. With that said, what matters the most is how the parent handles it. Ppl who say it doesn’t affect the child at all are idiots and the ppl who over exaggerate its impact on children are lazy parents.

  5. I'll be playing some Halo 5. fortnite, blops 4, Bfv Below and Ashen, I might try wasteland 2 and Mutant year zero as well. Man gamepass is amazing.

  6. I honestly feel sad for those kids that can't play M rated games till they're 18. I couldn't imagine my childhood without games like GTA3 or Mortal Kombat

  7. I'm with Mrs Hatfield on Christmas Vacation. I'm 35, I saw it for the first time maybe 2 or 3 years ago and I fucking hated it. I can't stand Chevy Chase. He plays an irredeemably selfish ass hole in all these films. I hate his guts.

  8. The violence in video games discussion always drives me crazy. People seem to think that kids can’t distinguish a difference between fantasy violence and real violence, whether it’s in games, movies, music or any other form of art. Guess what, they can. There is far more traumatic violence in nature than what you see in games. Clearly no one on this show is a hunter or spends much time with nature. Teach your kids right from wrong ; a video game isn’t going to over rule the values you’ve taught them.

  9. I’m with Daemon. When I was 3 I was already introduced to Mortal Kombat; but outside of fighting games the first time I played a game that I shouldn’t have been was GTA San Andreas when I was 11 and Halo at 12. Then I didn’t play video games at all in high school.

    I had a bit of a temper, but I wasn’t even playing video games around that time and it was easily identifiable to family history.

    Sadly I’d have to say that I don’t think a pre-teen could appreciate something like God of War though for anything than just being cool.

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