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  1. Krown; you know that in order to recover you need to rest: you know this. These things can turn into secondary conditions very quickly. You need to consider that you are also going through coffee withdrawal if you aren't keeping up with that, which just compounds the illness you have and lowers your immune system. When it rains it pours my friend; put up an 'out for a week' sign and get well is my recommendation. I understand the commitment you feel but it's what's in your best interest that counts right now. I'm not going to go into all kinds of recommendations for treatments since you already have plenty of that I'm sure and you are the one that knows you best. The one thing I do know is that you are hard to put down, and you don't want it to come to being so sick that you are harming yourself long term. If the doc offers antibiotics, have them do a sensitivity test if it comes to that. Wash your hands a lot. God dammit Krown; get fucking better…we love you.

  2. Bruh, only discovered this channel two weeks ago. I had thought YT was a desolate wasteland, (a part from maybe two guys I follow for general news)

    You are real. Speak freely as a person with a ton of real world experience. I have been making a living trading for almost 3 years now….and this channel is still a literal treasure trove of information. It just flows so goddamn ceaselessly from you, you dont even realize it I think haha…plus, you are funny, and dont take yourself too seriously like most crypto YT asshats. Keep up the good work bro.

  3. One of rare youtube traders who actually trade. Not the only one but one of the few. Most of other guys usually just buy or sell on regular exchange accounts from time to time. No margin, no leverage, no strategy, no plan. That is not trading and those guys are not traders. Only trying to act smart. Big respect to you Krown! I am not interested in buying curses but will look to join the community. Thanks for the content, could listen you for full hour and not get bored. That's a big thumbs up!

  4. Calling it here now Krown! The "REASON" why we will sell off soon is cause of the VanEck-SolidX Bitocoin ETF decision by the SEC due on December 30th which will be delayed til February 2019.

    I think this is just very convenient for market movers too. Low volume on the holidays and we've just recently pumped up 33% from the local low. Lots of powder in the keg to blast down.


  5. I really appreciate your videos as you provide a great perspective on the charts. Really is a wealth of knowledge in conjunction with other youtuber’s perspectives/opinions. (I watch you and kirby religiously). Miss your usual vigor and hope you feel better.

  6. Another daily dose of coffee and Krown.

    I'm wondering if you could touch off what's going through your mind when playing options on a move like this. Think you mentioned something like "options are made to be sold" on a previous video so would be great to hear you expand on that in one of your streams. Even a high-level 'here's why options are neat given the current price action'.

    I get that you may want to keep that good stuff for those that invest in your options program in which case ?, it's on my wishlist. And mi scuzi if you already covered this elsewhere!

  7. Hey Krown, I love you mate, I mean to say that I only trust your analysis right now, and Tone Vays, but I had to stick with the best 2 I could find… That is because you reall worked with stocks & I was very glad to to learn your father was a trader too, so I am super confident in you!

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