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  1. This is an example of a game ahead of it's era, the only reason why this character was hated was because of pure nostalgia for the old Dante, when you see the game as its own thing, it's truly amazing

  2. What i hated about this game is that they made vergil sooooooo weak which he was actually stronger than dante…dante beat him once only in dmc 3 because he was motivated and had alot of powers from other demons while vergil had nothing…

  3. I tried DmC Devil May Cry and I actually sort of liked it. And I'm not too familiar with the DMC games. Well, I mean that I'm not the biggest fan of the DMC series but I did enjoy what DmC Devil May Cry had to offer.

  4. Honestly I understand why they really wanted to reboot the series, devil may cry is easily the least consistent series I’ve ever seen. Every game, as well as each interpretation of Dante, was so radically different from the last it’s jarring. When Nero started becoming the focus of the series in dmc 4 it really solidified that

  5. This game was fun but wasn’t better than the original game people who thinks this game is better than the original game listen to lil pump and Tati 69

  6. I didn't really like the game. The story was bad mainly because edgy teenage Dante had no flair. And cardboard Vergil was a forced villain. The visuals at first hurt my eyes but I adjusted the game settings. However the gameplay was really fun for the first 3 hours. The gameplay got repetitive because the combat felt shallow. This isn't the infinite combo depth of DMC3. However new weapons help this game. It's more of a weekend game after you play Dark Souls and want something easy. I finished the game and it's okay. But I want a Real DMC game.

  7. Love this game because I always wanted to know that DMC 3 Dante met with "It's been a year since we last met" and I was always puzzled like "what the hell happen a year ago that 2 brothers beefin??" but know I know.

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