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  1. ** What is YOUR current favourite smartphone on the market, & Why? **

    Xiaomi Mi A2 –
    Samsung galaxy Note 9 –
    OnePlus 6T –
    iPhone Xs Max –
    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 –
    Google Pixel 3 XL –
    Pocophone F1 –
    Huawei Mate 20 Pro –

  2. I would (and probably will) buy the Oneplus 6 over the 6t.. And I would love to hear your opinion on that as you own both of them.

  3. Shart- lol! Probably the Note 9 (like the spen and great pics.) and Google Pixel 3 XL (even though a bit of overkill in the apps) solid.

  4. Completely disagree with you on the Note 9 camera. Im not sure if you have done the camera update but this is the best rear facing smart phone camera on the market. If your a selfie fan then yes maybe not the best but very good.

  5. i am looking the word LOOKING carnt afford one plus 6 or a samsung thanks for the vids its like a toy shop window you show me the toys ill never be able to buy/get but thank you and a merry christmas

  6. Thank you and finally the next stepping up against the Pixel 3! I've been ranting here and there about my horrible experiences with the pixel 3 and most snowflakes weren't able to handle it.. If it works for you then absolutely all the power to you, but the price increase and therefor what you get for it is hugely disappointing.. All other you've mentioned are pretty much spot on!

    Good luck to ya and hope you will substantially grow your channel in 2019.

  7. i just bought note 9 two days ago and in my opinion is a perfect phone in every aspect with just one downside the camera over expose the background a little

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