Urgent: How HIGH Will Bitcoin Go? (Bitcoin btc Crash News Today)

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  1. Hey Steve, first off Happy Holidays and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year with your new spouse!! I remember saying that this years chart is following 2014's chart damn near to a "T", if so and if you look at 214 chart the peak was near or around December time frame and the bottom was at $225 in January 2015 and where it literally stayed stagnant for 8 months. So with this being said, I think it will keep going down till January time frame and much further till next years August or Sept time frame and then make it's way up. Please let me know and I appreciate you Steve!!! Love your videos!!

  2. So i just watched the video in full… Can someone tell me how high bitcoin will go before falling back? I must missed it in the video.. Anyone?

  3. Plus put your passion and excitement from advertising your paid services to all other part of your video. Whoever has any brains will recognise the value in your material and will sign up anyway … you don’t need to scream about it every 1o minutes

  4. Just want to take the opportunity to say thank you for sharing the knowledge that you posses with the rest of the world and with me. you really are a fortunate man being able to do what you love to do for a living is a true blessing. I absolutely love your technique and knack for teaching. Your ethics, your honesty is not only very admirable it's very much needed as there are so many scammers and down right thieves in this space. At the very least you are giving people the chance to change their lives and for that I say thank you Steve and I hope you and your family and your students have a Very… Very! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Quality definately is not as good as previous videos. I felt this one was very very fluffed up. Also feels like the advertising for your class is taking more and more video time (which is fine, cause you have to make money somehow, but it just felt longer than usual).

  6. Steve, I loved this video. I am learning more and more. I am gaining confidence in my trades. I'm going to buy more classes soon. I have a job and a business. So I have very little time to study. However I feel like this is going to make a difference in my life. Have a great Holliday season. Thanks for the help, Louie

  7. Great video and great chart. Well done on it. Question , if you dont mind. I can see stoch rsi crossed on daily. Are we expecting to see red candle now possibly and going for lower low?

  8. I have finally found my teacher. I've been watching your videos and am going to trust that you will give me everything I need with the investment I am about to make in your course. Understanding indicators and charts is great, but without a sound strategy, one can still find himself on the sidelines without enough confidence to actually pull the trigger, OR making trades based on guessing which can cause huge losses. Excited for this partnership, Steve.

  9. Thanks Steve. I watch your Youtubes several times each. Please do the Christmas video. You are very appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Why has the original price of the four classes been raised to 2,510? The $400 off now is no different in final price than the previous sale of $100 off last week. I was contemplating purchasing the courses, but I'm not so sure anymore.

  11. Wow.., your interesting.. and make some good points… but your also just coming across as a salesman… the adverts for yours courses seem to for such big parts of your videos.., I’m so close to subscribing.., but no crypto person wants to be shilled to…

  12. Happy holidays Steve! You have been absolutely brilliant & I wish I was following earlier but so happy I found you. Honesty & integrity is everything & you have it! Plus you are always spot on! Love a video from you at anytime & Christmas Day would be brill! What a dedicated guy, thank you from Sydney!????

  13. What an amazing video! You’ve spent around six hours on each free video, refused sponsoring and now you ask if we would an extra video around an Holliday?! I’m blown away, I wish YouTube had like a special “10.000 likes” button so I could press it a couple of times!!

  14. As I followed this channel for many months. I think we have not seen the bottom yet.
    The volume really not shown anything like capitulations, more likely we will se 2500-2800$

  15. Steve , I dont have the money now ,but you are still providing quality information when it time for the big move . When that happens I am definitely going to take your classes. It is your honesty and talent that is making your channel grow . Also thanks for not pumping patreon subscriptions on your subscribers. Alot of channels are doing that because they are losing there shirts in crypto . Thanks again for not selling out .

  16. Steve – I would truly love a video from you on Christmas Day! Would be a great gift that I would appreciate! I've been following you for the past 11 months and have learned so much from your videos here – Someday I will find a way to be a part of your classes. Thank you for doing what you do.

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