Cheers Guys! This weeks VR Show features party games that you can do in small groups this holiday season. We also of course will look at all the latest and …


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  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas Epyx. Hope you have a good one. Ill be heading over to the steam VR store shortly. The platform is an interesting idea but it would need LOADS of space. Didn't realise Jeff Minter was still working lol.

  2. Merry Christmas Epyx!
    Great video, I'm so glad to see so many assym. titles out there.

    I've been a long time viewer, even when you switched over to Yore History channel, and I know how important every little bit of support is for smaller channels. I know you recently started working with VR Frank, which I am sure has helped your and his fandom grow. I was wondering if you would be able to find time to do a collaborative video with a smaller VR channel in order to help them grow. The channel I'm referring to is Bare Foot Gaming, and they do VR game reviews. The host, Rob, shares a lot of your sentiments regarding VR, and I think you two could work great together. Just check out some of his reviews to see how in-depth he goes, and how honest he is. I think he already contacted you directly, but I wanted to see if I could help persuade you, as I really believe their channel is really beneficial to the advancement of VR, much like yours. Please let me know or get in touch with Rob directly if you do find the time. Thanks!

  3. Ok, that motorised chair tray is just silly. Lol

    On a positive i picked up the Serious Sam vr bundle, and wow, best fps vr shooter i have played, it is just fantastic, they got everything right about the vr versions, loving it.

  4. Space pirate trainer, blasters of the universe, anything in the lab, beat saber, audio shield, rush for those who can handle rollercoasters. Adults can do horde mode in Az sunshine, raw data, or everyone can go to the shooting range on H3VR . It is an extremely social platform . Even more so than flat gaming to me . Happy ho ho man great show as usual .

  5. Merry Christmas Epyx !! I think Carly and the Reaperman is supposed to be great… bought it but haven't had a chance to try it yet so I'm not sure

  6. There's so many old school metal tunes I'd want to try and mod for Beat Saber…'Iron Man', 'Crazy Train', 'Run To The Hills', 'The Trooper', Metallica's 'One', 'Mr. Brownstone', 'More Human Than Human', 'Wait and Bleed', 'Sober', 'Outshined', 'Jesus Christ Pose', and 'Spoonman', just to name a few. Hell…anything from bands like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, or Rage Against The Machine as well, though they're not specifically 'metal'. Even Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman'. 🙂

  7. I had people over for Christmas last evening. We did Richie's Plank Experience. Two of them couldn't even step on the plank (I have a physical plank btw) It's fun for everyone to watch / encourage those with a fear of heights.

    Merry Christmas Epyx and all you VR people reading the comments.

  8. The floor thing, sure – i have space in my apartment, but it's not gonna be occupied by a piece that is dedicated to VR. I'd rather have a chair that leans to simulate acceleration and deceleration in a game like Elite Dangerous or VTOL VR.

    My tip would be Startrek Bridge Crew, if going multiplayer. Kinda limited if you're not into the Trek universe, but the interaction looks fun… if you have friends with money to get a VR & GTX1060+ setup…

    If i were to show someone VR it would be some of the minor demos, like theBlu, Google Earth VR, Nature Treks, The Red Stare, Job Simulator.. stuff like that. Yes – ED and FO4 is fun, but it's nothing that someone can get into over a few days around xmas.

  9. Oh boy, that motorised platform is hilarious. I'd love to see someone play WipeOut on that thing!

    Also, I'm glad you returned to YouTube, the VR scene just wasn't the same without you man! Merry Christmas!

  10. I think Gorn is a fantasitc party game. Gamepad users can try to gang up on, or help the vr player in the arena. Usually ganging up on them! And pass the vr on when they get taken out! Perhaps not so family friendly though as there is cartoon gore!

  11. Hey epyx! Glad to see that you started up the vr newscast again! How have you been? Are you still in NS or did you move back to BC?

  12. I got really scared i would be a motion sickness my first 2 days with the rift but I just powered through it and dont get it at all. Not only that i just plain hate playing with anyone using teleportation in any multiplayer game it just sucks anyone teleporting should never be able to out run someone using smooth. Im hoping it just phases out as people push themselves so they can play smooth loco only games.

  13. its too bad Dave and Buster is using Vive Pro. After people try it out and ask how much is the that thing and worker say $1,400. We all know HTC don't care about vr tech. Their focus is quick cash grab. Very embarrased to be a vive owner.

  14. Epyx, I agree with your comments. The PS VR playroom is what I recommend and I bring out when I have my 4 nephews + 2 girls together at festive holidays. The cat and mice game is a favorite; as is the lizard in the city; and the ghosts game. All require cooperation in a group and are a lot of fun. By way bro very impressed you managed to get a video out this week given all the craziness of the approaching big day this week. Im sure your daughter will be super glad to see you after her first semester.

  15. Keep talking & nobody explodes is great fun. Even my two kids (10+12) love it, of course it sometimes ends up with some shouting at each other lol, but they still enjoy it!
    PS: The family/friend thing has had me thinking for a while, it would be interesting to know how many VR users, actually have real life friends who also have VR on the same platform.
    I literally have zero real life friends with any VR at all! I feel like I'd probably be much more active with it if I did have. Not that I don't jump in near every day or two…
    All the best to you and yours Epyx!
    ————– EDIT: Oh just to add another great family one, although it does definitely need more content is Pupper Fever: The actual layout, U.I, ease of use and the cartoony graphics are great. Lacking content, but well done and a great laugh with the family. Only really worth picking up in the sales.

  16. I never miss an episode EPYX and just wanted to thank you for all your hard work mate. All of your effort is really appreciated and your love of VR really is infectious. Merry Christmas from all us Aussies down here tuning in:)

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