Xmas Bitcoin Heist. Whale Planned Pump & Dump. Crash Incoming?

Bitcoin, up above 4 thousand dollars and the crypto community is feeling a bullish euphoria they have been craving since the downtrend from 6k USD began at the beginning of this quarter. Although, similar pumps have taken place before in this bear market, and it is way too early to signal a full market reversal to bullish. This is all too ironic, a pump over over 1000 dollars takes place before Christmas. Are large whales taking control of the market, and getting a nice little Christmas bonus? How will Bitcoin fair after Christmas, more downtrend or can it make its way past the FUD and turn the crypto market bullish. Tune in to hear my thoughts!
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  1. The question is… do I short sell myself go all cash then wait for the dump and buy? Or just hold and buy the bottom when it drops? ?

  2. Has anyone else began to realize these Chinese coins were holding have the "Made in China" appeal to them? The feeling you're looking for a quality item and the sticker says "Made in China"', you assume it's rubbish.

  3. Great again!Just keep it up man.Merry christmas to you and the Chico army!Stay with a good german or other european quality beer!It is better for your health.

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