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  1. Did I play the same game? Although visually stunning and great voice acting… The story was pure crap! In short it all happened because of a woman that feels betrayed in her love by another dumbass that could not take ada not being into him… That is the ENTIRE BASIS to destroying the world…. If anything I appreciate from this game …. Is that it actually saved albert wesker from having the dumbest motivation to destroying the worl

  2. This game was a victim of the first wave of social media follow the leader IGN hated on this game when it was trying to be evolutionary and so every clown without his own brain fell suit. This generation is so dope and to think now I'm 2018 that's all the non online campaigns offer if the template of RE6 and yet they love these games to death but has talked mad junk about this game I still have mind on ps3 and love it just as much this was a very dope if you love artistic and stylized gaming with great graphics for it's generation . From a company not nobody really respects their reviews ….

  3. Honestly felt the game was wayyy too over the top with the explosions and action, and just felt absurd a lot of the time. Also the controls were really weird like the over the shoulder camera felt way too close and made things awkward and movement felt janky. Cover system was terrible, and I felt like there wasnt enough ammo made available for the number of enemies they sent at you. I liked resident evil 5 a lot more.

  4. What u all came here for:

    Leon fights OG zombies and not many new creature

    Chris goes to asia and fights weird mutated bug like monsters zombies and creatures, who can fly or appear as giant spiders etc.

    Jake fights similar zombies and creatures to Chris's story, but they are metal and mechanically enhanced this time.

  5. All they TRULY need to do is make a new horror RESIDENT EVIL with more scare and the tyrant and all that. Just with the controls of RE6, I mean the controls were awesome you can dodge fight move around quickly enough. Best controls of any resident evil game

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