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  1. Seems like a box for a “survivalist” hoarder filled with garbage that you can buy in a big-box store for a fraction of a cost. Do you just get duped???

  2. Lol@butthurt survivalist Trump voters in the comments complaining about how he handled the knife. Stick that knife up your lil funky ass. This guy makes tens of dollars a year from these videos. He will never be in a survivalist situation. He just got this box to show up in recommended lists for redneck YT users.

  3. You'd literally sold me the package regardless of the fact you had no idea what you were talking about. Zombie apocalypse? This explains the intellect. Suppose your next video will explain how we can hunt unicorn. Which fairies and goblins are edible and which aren't. You try too hard to be comedy. Maybe to fellow Americans you are but there's a world other than, that takes this stuff seriously. I loved the tinder idea in the packaging whilst you're acquainting yourself in the art of fire starting. I'm not ruling out the existence of zombies. I believe they're there just not in the way the stupid movies portray them. I believe they're mentally dead rather than physically. They're pretty much everywhere slating survival tools that should be reviewed properly.

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