This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.
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  1. Really enjoyed this vid Sami. Thanks man! Lot's of generally good info as well as a couple of little nuggets e.g that going long/short on certain fib levels is reliable – they not always are in trading.. That gives confidence to the trader that he is looking at the right things on the chart, and also builds our knowledge. Trade entries then exits next perhaps, please? Keep up the great vids Sami and happy holidays!!

  2. just watch the btc chart in yearly then you will see the big picture… nothing special… if youre in for the long term just keep accumulating now is the time to buy averaging in… just be patient and don't sell to fast thats the hardest part. people take to less profit and to much loss…

  3. I sold just about all my etc with this run up 2 days than the 3ed it went up one more day and I was like fuck me and I feel like the bears are still in I do have a buy back ordar so I'm hoping your right but all I seen was gains at way to fast of a rate so I figured where will go back down I guess we will see

  4. you sound bitter, lol. BTC never stopped crashing. this is a bear market. there will be millioniares for doing nothing but holding and accumulating, unlike what you think.

  5. Merry christmas to all those musso jehadi fuckers my all those good christian saints show you the way from fucking your 12 year old sisters and not growing a beard correctly hopefully its not to late for those inbred genos

  6. Never seen some one hoping so much for a crash. Every video is you predicting and praying for a crash. Are you betting against bitcoin on leverage and trying to cause fud to get people to sell?

  7. I think most people will be SHOCKED on how Low we will see the cryptos go……….when all will be said and done " mark these words" no one will want to touch cryptos with a ten foot pole……….only then cryptos will have bottomed.

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