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  1. Can you recheck pocof1
    It's too irritating with bugs
    Can you feedback them maybe they will solve faster
    Blank on screen Notification.
    Full screen issues
    Hide notch feature
    Incorrect memory status in recent screen

  2. These manufacturers are into serious business of making mid range phones better and better with every model they launch and yes you should switch to this phone as your primary one.

  3. You must switch to this device. I'm using xiaomi ki mix 2s. It' a great phone for it's price, so I think that xiaomi mi mix 3 must be the best phone that Xiaomi ever made. Btw Happy New Year!

  4. Exactly what I've been saying. Before the difference in phones was great, if you wanted an excellent phone, you needed to pay for it. Pay a lot.
    Today, for 250$ you can get a really good phone and for 500$ you can get even a better one from the flagship ones in some cases. But I guess it doesn't have an apple logo on it for you to show off…

  5. That sliding mechanisms is a lot better then the motorised ones don't gotta worry about the motor going off in your pocket and burning out

  6. Try the mi mix 3
    I would like to know your opinion about the comparison between it and the poco
    In terms of speed and camera
    Note : try using the pixel 3 camera app
    U 'll notice quite a difference there

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