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  1. This fear mongering clueless douchebag! LOL. The best financial advice I could give anyone is Do Not take financial advice from this dumb asshole! Merry Christmas!

  2. AMTV delete his older videos saying how btc is going to skyrocket very soon.

    Look at this before its deleted

    AMTV says BTC to 1 million in near future. When is the bear future my man? Today? Tomorrow? Week, month year? 2 years? 100 years. What future?

    Watch that AMTV old video before he deletes it. You can see he is full of crap

  3. hi cris. thanks for the insight. You frequently speak of god. i wanted to alert you to the fact that jesus has returned to earth and is here now living in a physical body as a woman. she has a website and a daily stream plus an Ebook free for download titled Tree of Life. I think you would quite enjoy reading it. check out @lovehaswon1111

  4. Bitcoin will die! Those who took your advice have lost everything. You are a fruitcake! You are taking fear and profiting from it.
    Listen to someone like Peter Schiff. Rogers, Celente etc. Not this false god and idiot.

  5. Notice now that he is losing his shirt trading bitcoin…he now wants to sell bullshit servcies?!?!? LOL,…. find this dude..he lives with his parents…

  6. This guy just said to buy bitcoin and hold for 5 years. LOL… then why buy now…with all the risk? Newbie traders everywhere….IF bitcoin is giong to 300K, it won't get there in one day. Don't listen to people who don't know how to trade…this guy only trades thru prayer…. guess what..sometimes..god wants to you lose money…enjoy.

    Smart money is not buying bitcoin. GOld is not a no longer a safe haven. Every grandmother in India and China are all holding gold. They all got in at the top.

    Buy US$ ….. come back and thank me when the market collapses.

  7. actually bitcoins are crashing faster than the stock market. And good luck trying to "sell" bitcoins. BUYING them is easy but unloading quite another story as in money losses. There is a saying about a fool and their money, so go ahead and invest in bitcoins.

  8. I'm wondering if you can help us with this info/advice from Martin Armstrong's blog? (
    "I have been skeptical about the claims that cryptocurrencies will replace all money and central banks and end banking creating money out of thin air. That would be recreating the Dark Age. For that to take place there can be no lending. The mortgage market would collapse and the value of the property would fall to less than 10% of its worth becomes the maximum someone has cash as was the case during the Great Depression. This hatred of central banks is stupid. The money they create is less than 10% of the money supply. The bulk is created through lending and fractional banking. These people blame the banks for creating money and never talk about the fact that the real danger is government debt and as they try to service that debt, they keep raising taxes. They are approaching a 40% consumption rate of the total GDP. The bigger the government gets, the lower your standard of living. That is the issue – not cryptocurrencies will magically save the day."

  9. I can tell you where things are going, it's easy. If you read the bible youd know that soon everybody will be throwing their money into the streets because itll be worth NOTHING!! ZERO!!
    Its FOOD that everybody will be after.

  10. You don't know what you're talking about french protesters, "gilets jaunes". It is a riot against high tax rise on petrol/diesel justified for ecological reasons. It happens after a lot of racketeering for drivers (price of highway, new 80km/h speed limitation). It has nothing to deal with general economy or banks.
    In general, the problem in Europe is globalization and identity. Nothing related to banks or cryprocurrency.

  11. @AMTV Cost average in because $10-20k zone was the bull's euphoric area of the chart, and $3-2k zone may be the bear's euphoric area of the chart.

  12. I will get that limited time only "Bundle" offer on my payday…Hey Chris, please hold on to that "Bundle" offer until Xmas at least or end of yr i beg u??….AMTV is the best!!?

  13. You are premature on your Dollar Collapse analysis! Although it is coming, the markets right now only reflect a correction not a crash! I would be careful if I were you before you lose your credibility, not just video wise, but business credibility as well!!!

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