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  1. I found the tokens to play in the arcade!! If anyone wants to know, just ask. I don't want to spoil it for other players.
    Hint: It involves someone's smelly head.

  2. Can I chime in? first of I loved the game up to a certain point but it's not really a pixel perfect homage to ye olden days. Some graphical choices really bugged me when I was playing. Like character scalling when they were in the distance (they weren't just a mess of 4 pixels but a perfect render of the bigger model). Or some animations (like any lever that you pulled or pushed) that looked way to smooth. Even if you ignore the widescreen you can still clearly see they took some shortcuts when designing the "retro" feel of the game. Instead of pixels shifting from point to point they glide smoothly. That kid of ruins the nostalgia factor doesn't it? Also… The ending is just a cop out. I got REALLY invested in the story and wanted to find out more and then it's just nothing more than a "St. Elswhere" style cop out with no real conclussion.

  3. Loved Maniac Mansion, it was my favourite game for awhile growing up, but could never finish the game. I've heard some point and click games have a type of bug where if you do something in the wrong order, you can't finish the game, but the game doesn't tell you that. Does anyone know if Thimbleweed Park has that type of "glitch"?

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