Tone Vays: ETHEREUM TO $0.20 & BITCOIN TO $1,300 | INTERVIEW!

► We have him in our Show: TONE VAYS Interview! Today he brings up some exciting predictions for Ethereum and Bitcoin! Guys, take a seat and have fun! 🙂 (timestamps below)

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— — TimeStamps — —
1. Did we already hit bottom?: 1:50
2. Is Ethereum a Scam? Price Target $0.20?: 4:45
3. All Altcoins should be avoided: 14:58
4. Prediction of Bitcoin Price: 28:47
5. Trigger of next Bullmarket: 35:40
6. Second Layer Solutions: 39:59

We had the the pleasure to have Tone Vays on our show! He has some craaaazy predictions about Altcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin! He has a great trackrecord, so he is definitely one to listen to. He has been predicting prices of Bitcoin Ethereum and others on spot. Lets see his opinion. We can already tell you he predicted Ethereum to go to $0.20 and Bitcoin to go to $1.300. Take a seat and enjoy this really entertaining Interview!

– Join the MMCrypto Movement with our great community members! Come in and network with everyone and discuss wether Tone Vays is correct with his opinion and his price predictions for Ethereum ($0.20) and Bitcoin ($1.300).

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about it!

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  1. The ammount of stupidness Tone says about AT and hole crypto space is at Trevon James level . În December 2016 just 3 4 months before the huge alts bull run he gave advice to his tweeter followers to not have any alts. 100% muppet

  2. Somebody has to tell Tone Vey that Ethereum wasn't created as digital money! He is a complete nub when it comes to blockchain. Second layer solutions on Bitcoin are seperate Blockchains and are basically Altcoins.

  3. i dont agree, good alts went up, eth, bcash, ltc, neo, dash, ont etc,…not the garbage like the shitties at 1m-12m cap, so i dont agree its a beautifell bottom formation, besides that 200 sma weekly was rejected, we are not officially in bear as long as the bit price is above the weekly 200 sma, thats offical. soory bro, but btc aint gona do the most, i dont agree on that, btc is like IBM, ETH is like Apple, XRP is like google or vice versa,…think about it. well thats my view, and 100B if that was not a bottom, tone tell me pls where do u think it will bottom?

  4. Bitcoin to $1.3 and ETH to $0.20. Such a good prediction since you don't use the same European convention of decimals for both values.

  5. 17:38 I stopped watching this video and taking Tone Vays Serious when he said that. Doge coin is worse than the average ICO. ICO's represent ideas that could potential distrust major problems using block chain technology. That is the difference between an ICO and Bitcoin. Doge coin's value rests on a meme that will eventually die, and bring the price down with it.

  6. I listened to Tone when I first got into crypto I would have made shitloads of money had I not listened to him. Not a good source. I am, doing fine with crypto but this azhole cost me a year,

  7. Technical analysis is useless when manipulation exists. It's easy to push a small market cap project below technicals triggering technical traders to sell. It's been going on in crypto for a year. It's not even a new model of operation. The same model has kept silver and gold at or near production prices for years. This will end at some point.

  8. He’s right and wrong…… as currently structured, alt-coins are as reliable as Kickstarter campaigns ….. “glorified kick starter campaigns” …… projects start and die all the time….. and many of these projects don’t NEED coins….. but what WILL happen is…… altcoins will becomes security tokens ….. security tokens will replace what we currently know as “stocks” ……

  9. Good stuff guys! Equally interesting to this one with Davincij15. Taking of the Tony's perception may be like a glass of cold water… when mainstream starts freaking 😉

  10. Bitcoin will go the way of Netscape! Lightning network will not be accepted by your regular crypto guy. He might as well use cash. People get into Crypto for speculation and use case. Apart having first mover advantage, it has no use cases than your regular altcoin. People want their transactions to settle on the Blockchain and not on an off ramp or else it is no different than any centralized system. Unfortunately the Bitcoin Maximalists are going to lose. Ethereum will scale eventually but EOS, NEO and some others are already doing great stuff.

  11. I agree! Satoshi he/the group didn’t ask for funding to create the bitcoin code/chain. If you want to create something just creat it. These new coins are jumping into the money with premined tokens because they can’t make up 10 yrs of organic growth that bitcoin has! They want to get into the game asap (money grabs)

  12. Ether didn't make it to number 2 because its junk and Andreas antonopoulos wouldn't have wrote mastering ethereum. If it was not a good project. George gilder wrote life after google, read that book and see what he has to say about it,

  13. The only thing I agree with this guy is that bitcoin will be the dominant currency out of all blockchain currencies..buuuut it will not be the only blockchain project in the future ..there are blockchain projects that are growing that bitcoin can not do itself without starting over but I don’t invest into any currency except bitcoin ..people who think xrp will take bitcoins spot is not aware that in the near future bitcoin will do what xrp is doing and have more liquidity..but bitcoin is not elastos ..elastos will be its own power house ..sure bitcoin could do what elastos is doing but that would take over a decade to build by then elastos will have its foot in the door

  14. So tone vays believes that there is absolutely nothing legitimate outside of Bitcoin? At that moment he lost all credibility. Over 90% of projects maybe scams but there are dozens of real projects out there. BTC is far from the best. With full blocks and therefore the inability to have cheap and reliable transactions and the inability of being used as currency BTC is one of the weakest projects at the moment. Currency should be used as currency. Otherwise BTC which is supposed to be a currency has no value. BCH XRP DASH BAT STELLAR MONERO and several others are excellent crypto Investments

  15. Great interview MMCrypto. Also enjoyed the 2 Davincii15 interviews. I have to agree with Tone. As much as I like other projects out there, there really is no point in the tokens besides quick money making. Bitcoin can do or is capable of doing EVERYTHING alt coins bring to the table. As for Ethereum goes, what do you think would happen if Vitalik leaves the project? He has way too much influence and power over ETH so "for that reason, I'm out"

    I do wonder what the 2 ERC20 tokens are that Tone says are legitimate.

  16. The trend is still bearish….we need capitulation. Even institutional investors are not going to get in until perhaps Q2 of next year, if that. I feel we need to be oversold on the weekly chart to really reset and begin upwards movement to ignite a new bull market. I would love to see Bitcoin bottom out below $1,000. Maybe around $800 or even $500. Followed by a v-shape recovery, perhaps by summer 2019 then the bull market can start Q4 2019!

  17. There are people who say Bitcoin is garbage don't touch crypto. There are people that say Bitcoin is gold don't touch anything else. Then we have people who say Bitcoin will die, buy alts. It seems like anything can happen at this point. Buy what ever you want guys. Merry Christmas.

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