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  1. ROFLMAO @ Seatylock
    "high quality aluminum" ………… easily sawable. just means its shit

    THing is to not leave your bike in the thieving range of thieves.


  2. No. 9 …the problem with most multi-tools, is that the thru pin/bolt holding the tool together is often made out of plastic, and once you apply a sturdy amount of pressure(using the tool in-general) it either breaks or becomes lose.
    No. 8 …if you're cycling in South Carolina(Myrtle Beach-area) the problem isn't that motorists can't see you, the problem is that they don't care. They feel that since you're in a lesser-vehicle, they aren't required to respect you/share the road. In-addition a lot of the near-by colleges have students that mess with you for giggles …cussing/yelling at you, running you off the road, as well as throwing things at you while you're riding.

  3. what could be smarter than shining a lazer in the eyes of everyone approaching you?
    Oh it's OK sometimes it's pointed down.
    Not just bad , criminal

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