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  1. Great designs. I initially think of, why would you need one? My reasoning brings me to, perhaps a higher altitude location, or maybe over populated bridge crossings, or perhaps very busy inner city bypasses, the latter would require serious changes in transport laws.

    If I live long enough, I look forward to seeing this taxi service. Perhaps you can pick me up on the roof some time, good luck.

  2. The Ehang 184 hasn't been tested in wild weather conditions yet has it? We had simple blustery days last week which i would love to know if this vehicle could handle, let alone blizzard conditions or wild thunderstorms. I heard the country of Dubai has ordered a fleet to be used as flying taxi's. Would that taxi service be grounded during bad weather?

  3. People are not going to care very much for the way those doors are designed. A Goldwing type door that lifts up and out of the way so you don't have to crawl into the craft would be the way to go for most people.

    Those propellers exposed out in the open maybe practical but they're kind of scary for your average person. Simply placing a ring. Of some kind around the blades would go a long way towards reassuring the squeamish as to the safety of the Prototype.

  4. I can remember being 30 years old back in 1998 . I remember dreaming of the day i could drive and fly into the shy at the same time. It was my dream to do so before I die! God willing I will be able to achieve this goal soon thank to these types of inventions!

  5. Why is it safe. Redundant propeller function if one fails can it compensate. Does it have back up power for motor redundancy if it loses an engine? Just saying does not make it so. Tell us why. Ehang 184 actually looks kind of scary and non aerodynamic.

  6. All flying machines fail the Chinese guys who died did so in less complicated vehicles than the 184 .them thinking their machine is safer is bullshit the fact is the ultralite can glide the 184 can't it has any failure it fails from the sky .the safest machines use parachutes and ballistic chutes .flying is dangerous period accept it for what it is and enjoy it

  7. I apologize for given a thumbs down here. the reason is i don't want to see that video again. It is permanently stuck in mi playlist. Bad flying machines look like cars. Cars have the worst shape possible. A donut flies betta!

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