Will Bitcoin Rebound in 2019? The Bull vs. Bear Case

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The Great Crypto Debate: Part II
One year after Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000, what can we expect from crypto in 2019?

Caroline Hyde (Bloomberg News)
Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg News)
Michael McKee (Bloomberg News)
Mike McGlone (Bloomberg Intelligence)
Ryan Selkis (Co-Founder and CEO, Messari)


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  2. great discussion and points. I like the fact that all of the non crypto bulls are still recognizing the asset class. Crypto still needs a user friendly adoption. Everyday people don’t want to use the crypto address, people prefer using accounts and just send/transfer like venmo or chase quickpay. Much easier adoption for the user mass.

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  4. Correct me if am wrong, BTC was under 1k when 2017 began and 19k at the end of the year, No one can predict how high it will go. I believe BTC will be big in January,Now is the best opportunity of our lives before Bitcoin goes back to the moon and above! This valley is one of the best places to be right now because many in this valley will become millionaires just because they did not panic sell but instead purchased for the long term. Finding yourself in this painful market correction is only helping to make us better and smarter traders. I have been telling all my friends who trade crypto like my self that it doesn't matter how much longer we have with this bear market whether another 3 months or 6 months it doesn't matter. What are your goals? If you are long then this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I am still able to make a weekly income of 4btc and I give all the Credit to RYANN KIMMICH who has been helping me to survive the market’s stagnation. Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, to get more info about My mentor; Ryankimmich607@gmail,com /Telegram- Number +1-518-546-5210 )

  5. Ethereum has exciting updates coming this year! They also believe in the whole idea that created cryptocurrency – decentralization. An international inclusive idea.

  6. no mention of Security Token Offerings. STO? What about the fact that bitcoin (or crypto in general) opens the gates to commerce on a global scale to those who otherwise would never be able to trade internationally because of restrictions. Lets not forget the underground market of crypto is booming. What we see on exchanges is not the whole story.

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  8. "Crypto has been available for a select few. Now it's being institutionalized." Crypto has always been available to everyone and can be exchanged between anyone. That is the point. Institutionalized means the wealthy will be hoarding it for themselves. Wealthy people could have procured it like anyone else but, they are so lazy, they would rather pay someone else to procure and manage it for them. The point of Bitcoin is to eliminate the need for middlemen. Middlemen are the problem.

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