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  1. But at the top of the list, it's an opinion they are giving, every one has a different view of a movie, so IGN is entitled to there opinion, no one ever said you had to trust someone when they post a review of a new movie

  2. People saying this dude was salty… Well he's not any more salty then any one of you for him not praising the movie and having an opinion of his own. I had to laugh at the Crimes of Grindelwald thing though because I didn't completely disagree. The Fantastic Beasts movies are just boring. They lack any of the fun that came from the Harry Potter movies and books. And now they are just going to milk it by extending how many films come out. I wouldn't say it was the worst film of the year though and neither is Venom.

  3. Who TF is this guy????
    I actually didn't like the trailer at first or at any time, but I was bored & heard the reviews by my cousin & my brother… They both said it's a great novie, just watch u'll know… I am fan of Sci-Fi movies, so I just watched it… I also used to hate Venom since he was against Spidey… I watched the movie, & now m a VENOM FAN as well
    My most fvrt part of the movie is Venom's background voice…
    If u haven't watched the movie then my suggestion is watch it first u'll know 😉 ♥

  4. That condescending saltboi had to gather his mind while stuttering, only to nitpick on a movie that people enjoyed, IGN just bite critics at this point, they’re kind of infamous for it by now.

  5. I thought it had some fun stuff in it but it is flawed… it’s like 50/50 for me. Some action scenes were great others were meh. Some of the dialogue was great.. in other moments it was just bad.

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