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  1. no no ipad pro 2018 is way better in every thing
    .good gpu cpu
    and bigger diplay makes my gaming way better than any other tabs or phones

    1st good product from apple in 75000

  2. you changed my mind too, I expected more niche phones as there is too much competition on the mainstream phone markets to allow for significant margins. Only Samsung and Apple charge a lot more than cost price, but the question is how long they will be able to continue doing this as Xiaomis and Huawei's are becoming almost as good for less than half of the price. I think potentially there could be a niche markets, but phones should still perform well on every aspect. I am thinking of a lady phone as we had 15 years ago which was quite popular, which was not much different from a regular phone in terms of specs. I do however think this niche phones may only have more subtle changes, such as design, but they will still be based on regular models. They could have some paid games pre-installed or have some kind of theme installed, or will add a free joystick. I think ROG or Razer phones are too much different from regular phones which will result in compromises.

  3. I like gaming phones but I agree with you about your videos. But ASUS 'sensitivity and design captures my attention. Sometimes it's a cell phone that makes me want to show off your cell phone. I watched the video well. Keep making good videos in the future!

  4. Im using midrange phone for my day to day life and im definitely satisfied with its performance to buy flagship is not practical this days midrange phones can do whatever ah flagship does maybe in benchmarks papers flagship aways wins but in performance etc like pocophonef1 can beat almost a lot of flagship but in a midrange price?

  5. if they marketed gaming phones CHEAPER than regular phones with the same chip, thats fine to me.

    but then again, thats what Xiaomi, Asus, and Realme has been doing in the recent years

  6. You are really right, but ROG Phone is one really good exception, this phone is awesome even for a people which don't want to play games on phone it's really awesome and it's one of the best phones on a market. Also 90Hz OLED is just magic.

  7. On point man when it comes to games, the difference between those gaming phones and the other flagships is barely 2% and they suck in other departments .

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